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Granting our MSMEs an opportunity to showcase their products

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A cursory look at ‘flea markets’

Our micro, small and medium enterprises’ mission is to have their products sold to their customers. This in return will give them profits that they will use to run their business and to make ends meet in life. That is the essence of business – buying stock, selling it and making profit while at the same time replanting the seeds for continued harvest.

BEDCO has been involved in the provision of temporary markets for the MSMEs that it has worked with over the years, called flea markets. Flea markets are temporary because they grant entrepreneurs an opportunity for the day to showcase their products. They also network entrepreneurs with customers who would like to place orders for their products in the future.

BEDCO would like to improve the organisation of these flea markets to make it more fruitful. There will be three major flea markets organised in a year, shifting from the random district ones. There will be one flea market organised in one region, say the Northern Region comprising Leribe, Butha-Buthe, Mapoteng and Mokhotlong. It may be stationed in one of the three districts. Entrepreneurs from these districts or other districts outside the region will have a grand opportunity to display their wares in one area for a day or two where they will attract buyers from various places.

The Communications & Marketing Department will have advertised the flea market well in advance, two or three months before, so that the public is aware of it and prepares itself, budget-wise in other ways for the flea market. The entrepreneurs in the areas in question will have been conscientised well in advance so that they prepare their wares for display in these flea markets.

The next big flea market is expected to take place in Butha-Buthe on 30-31st August 2014. This will involved as mentioned, entrepreneurs from Leribe, Butha-Buthe, Mapoteng and Mokhotlong. Potential buyers will come from all over the country.