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BEDCO’s District SMME Forums

BEDCO has historically established, built and developed micro, small and medium enterprises who participate in the mainstream economic activity of the country.
These are the ones who are charged with the onerous responsibility of creating jobs. They need the necessary skills and techniques to start, operate and grow their businesses in order to be efficient and effective in what they are doing.
Therefore, BEDCO not only fulfils its primary mandate of establishing and developing entrepreneurs, but also fulfils that of the government which is expressly spelt out in the NSDP.
They ply their trade in the streets and organised areas in all districts of the country where they sell their wares to earn a living.
BEDCO is establishing district SMME forums with intent to build mutual understanding and cooperation among various SMMEs who are scattered across the country.
The SMMEs will meet regularly under the auspices of the forums in all the districts, organise flea markets and other related activities.
They will act as BEDCO's ambassadors in the districts. The entrepreneurs will appoint three people to organise the forums – chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
These are not formal positions, but just a link between BEDCO and the entrepreneurs in the districts.


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BEDCO launched its Phase I of the entrepreneurial capacity-building project, Ichorise Mohoebi on 25 November 2013. The project was intended to equip entrepreneurs with skills on how to start, operate and grow their businesses.

First, it helped those who had grand business ideas and would like to develop them into business, but had no shoulder to lean on so that they ended up in business.

The project registered an impressive number of entrepreneurs produced (587) most of whom were women, then youth and men. 

With the Start-Your-Business module, Ichorise Mohoebi was able to equip starters in the business environment with techniques on how they could develop their grand business ideas into real business.

Second, there were entrepreneurs who are already in business, but just wanted techniques on how they could possibly operate their business in a professional manner so that they sustain in business. The project helped them a lot with technical skills on how they could do these.

Therefore, Phase II of Ichorise will be more watershed and focused, being geared towards assisting Basotho entrepreneurs with relevant business development skills.

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