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Entrepreneurs showcase their products at the Saitex 2019
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Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO) continually provides support to micro and small entrepreneurs in their quest to grow their businesses and contribute meaningfully towards economic development of their country.

BEDCO has just sponsored nine (9) micro and small entrepreneurs to participate in the Southern African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX) 2019, which is hosted at the Gallagher Estates in Midrand, South Africa. SAITEX is an international outfit, which is intent to unlock market access by exposing MSME’s products and services to potential buyers. It is also a platform for networking between MSMEs and their potential clients.

BEDCO has historically assisted MSMEs to participate in trade exhibitions, shows and expos around the world with intent to help MSMEs take their products and services to the market.

For the 2019 SAITEX, BEDCO has paid for two 6m² x 3m² stalls for MSMEs, where they display their products. The Corporation has also provided transport for their products to the exhibition.

BEDCO facilitates participation of MSMEs in regional and international markets normally organised in South Africa and international markets. These take place in countries like Botswana and Swaziland for example, and potentially in other countries across Africa.

The market access programme is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • Bring MSMEs together to network and know each other’s products and services for purposes of igniting value chains where necessary,
  • Showcase the products and services of the SMMEs to potential buyers,
  • Demonstrate the value of the private sector in the economic development of Lesotho as its engine-room,

BEDCO also organisers local markets called flea markets. For the flea markets, organisers lobby medium and large-scale entrepreneurs to show support to the MSMEs by coming to their stall and view their products and also buy them. This is intended in the long-term, to create linkages between MSMEs and large corporates.

BEDCO market access initiative is a response to the many challenges that MSMEs face in their daily operations such as lack of access to finance, capacity constraints as well as access to markets.

The market access intervention is crucial because if MSMES cannot access both domestic and export markets, their sustainability remains suspect.

Therefore, initiatives to ensure that they access both local and international markets are supported. MSMEs are afforded a space to showcase their products and services to potential customers.

SAITEX is entering its 26th anniversary this year, allowing local and international importers and exporters to take advantage of inbound and outbound trade opportunities.

SAITEX also creates an annual product-sourcing opportunity for the African Continent’s retail and trade industry.

African exhibitors showcase electronics and home appliances, homeware and household products as well as building materials and tools.

It is being held at the 23-25 June 2019, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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  • Guest (Bert McGuire)

    My town has always been deprived of the latest technological achievements of humanity. It's great news that our government has supported this initiative. I hope we will have high-quality digital television network by next year.

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  • Guest (Brandon Morrison)

    This initiative may seem very risky, but I am very glad that my city is one of the first introduced to the digital broadcasting technologies and entertainment in my country.

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