Creative Industries

The Creative Industries Promotion Programme (CIPP) is intended to improve Basotho crafts to be locally and internationally marketable and link the local producers with international buyers. 

The project approach is as follows:

Identification of artisans

When new artisans enrol in the project, they fill entrance forms, a consultant then visits the workshop to take pictures of the workshop, products and producers at the workshop. The pictures are then included in the entrance form. The producers will then sign contracts as members of the project. The identified producers are then given chance to meet the lead consultant either through a physical visit to their workshop or at the mini expo organised for the lead consultant.

The lead consultant identifies the producers who have capacity to produce for the international market and identify the skills gaps or general production gaps. The lead consultant will then arrange for capacity building by inviting designers or otherwise. When the lead consultant believes that the producers are export ready, she will invite international buyers to buys. When the buyer is on the buyer tour, the lead consultant will give the buyer the chance to meet different buyer agents and so that they choose an agent with whom they will work. The lead consultant will also arrange for the producers to participate in the international exhibitions.

Programme Goal

The goal of the programme is to nurture, cultivate and promote the creative and artistic talent with which Basotho are endowed. It is to expose the overt and covert creative abilities of Basotho and turn these into business.

Programme Objectives

      To cherish the artistic sublimation of Basotho and develop it so that it has greater business dividends for those talented,

      To expose the covert and overt talents of Basotho in various sectors with intent to encourage them to develop these into grand enterprise,

      To inculcate the entrepreneurship culture among talented Basotho, who perform their artistic work as a hobby,

      To pull talent in areas where such is not recognised and encourage those endowed with the creative sublimation to adapt the enterprising spirit,

Modalities and approaches to be applied to implement the programme

      Talent scouting: The programme will identify talent among Basotho

      Exhibitions & shows: The programme will expose entrepreneurs’ products to potential markets,

      Competitions: Competitions will be held in various categories to recognize the best

      Screening: There will be a screening process for picking the best MSMEs

      Capacity-building: BEDCO will develop the technical skills of identified MSMEs