Incubation is one of the interventions that BEDCO has embarked on as a means of assisting entrepreneurs to access business support services including work space and machines. 

 BEDCO is now in the process of revamping carpentry incubation within its premises. BEDCO also operates one textile incubator in TY.

The woodwork incubators consist of 3 time frames covering 3 incubation stages as follows:

Pre-incubation stage: 3 months,

Incubation stage: 9 months,

Post incubation stage: 12 months.

Aims and Objectives

To facilitate establishment and promotion of small businesses by people who possess operational skills in woodwork and who aspire to start businesses but lack the necessary capital and business skills to do so. Specifically, the incubation centre will;

Give incubatees free but supervised access to the workshop and all the machines,

Capacitate the incubatees to be able to source markets for both supplies and their products,

Facilitate business start-ups and capacitate incubatees to operate businesses efficiently.

Foster entrepreneurship culture to ensure sustainable businesses that can contribute to the economic growth through job creation.

Expose incubatees to different challenges which the entrepreneurs are normally faced with.

Expose the incubatees to different sources of financial support for local businesses.


70% of incubated businesses become sustainable and exist beyond post incubation period

Target Market

Applicants must have sound technical skill in manufacturing of chosen woodwork product. Existing businesses which have employees, are allowed to bring them along as the plan is to have individual businesses provided with work units in BEDCO estates. Fig.1 below shows the groups of potential and existing entrepreneurs/businesses targeted for Sebaboleng Woodwork Incubator. The programme targets individuals/groups who have passion and self-drive to start and run own businesses but lack capital to do so.

Youth who have graduated from technical training institutions

Have passion and self drive to operate a business but lack capital

Aspiring entrepreneures who possess technical skills and lack capital to start

Existing businesses which are struggling to access machines and workspace.